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Aburatsubo Arrival

Aburatsubo - invisible harbour in Japan. We knew it was there but we sailed straight past.

The harbour at Aburatsubo is indeed completely invisible if you do not know it is there. We sailed straight past despite our handheld GPS saying that we reached exactly where it should be. This is a part of a travelog from 1997, being used here as an example 'walkthrough'.


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  • Aburatsubo arrival.
    On arriving early morning in Aburatsubo we passed a local fisherman.
  • Sea of Green
    We sailed past a sea of green
  • Sea Eagles
    While sea eagles circled overhead marking our destination, we sailed straight past.
  • This was not our destination mooring.
  • Destination harbour
    Our destination was somewhere over here.
  • Mount Fuji
    I took this photo later when Mount Fuji was making a rare appearance.
  • Fisherman Guide
    So we managed to communicate to the fisherman where we wanted to go and he gave us a tow.
  • Invisible Mount Fuji
    Note - Mount Fuji as on most days is invisible in the haze.
  • Buoys
    There are in fact guides.
  • Aburatsubo Harbour entrance
    A small dwelling marks the entrance.
  • Aburatsubo Approach
    As we approached the harbour began to open out into view
  • Aburatsubo Harbour & Marina
    The marina came into view. We had reached our destination.
  • $1,000,000 moorings ...
    Not unheard of.
  • Fisherman friend.
    Safe at our mooring, and made totally welcome, our Fisherman guide departed.
  • Aburatsubo entrance
    Almost completely invisible, this shows the entrance from the harbour side.
  • The dwellings
    The dwellings previously marking the entrance are on the right.


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