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YouTube - Uploading & Using Video

How to upload video to YouTube and then add it to your Media stock for using in your projects. We are using mediaelementjs to synchronize video and audio with the onekana app.


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  • Video Manager
    From your YouTube dashboard click on Video Manager
  • Upload Link
    On your Video Management Page Click on the upload link
  • File Upload
    On the file upload page click on the file upload button to browse for your video file on your computer
  • Privacy options
    You can optionally choose not to make this public straightaway (the default is public)
  • Progress Bar
    As the video uploads a progress bar shows the time remaining.
  • Thumbnails
    The system lets you select from automatically generated thumbnails, or upload your own.
  • Privacy Options
    If you choose private, you will not be able to play the video through onekana. Unlisted or public will let you.
  • Description
    If you are going to be public on YouTube, you will want to add a description. It is best to have a description prepared and saved on your computer.
  • Finish button
    When you have finished click on Done.
  • Play Link
    This is the play link you need to play the video through your projects
  • Global District / Onekana
    If you are not already logged in to onekana, or global district (or your web site platform if you are set up with this), log in.
  • Media Dashboard
    Choose the Media Managment link from your onekana menu options.
  • YouTube video link
    Paste the YouTube link into the text box provided.
  • YouTube Option
    Select the YouTube option (the other two are for uploading MP4 video or AAC audio (or MP3)
  • Name
    Give the video a name
  • Duration
    For the presentations to be synchronised we need the video length (duration) in seconds.
  • Load Duration
    To automatically load the duration for YouTube videos you need to press play.
  • YouTube Video
    Your upload will appear in your list, ready for plugging into your projects, or using your web site pages.
  • Uploaded mp4 Video
    Videos directly uploaded behave in the same way. We are using Mediaelementjs to achieve this.


Latest update: 11.11.2017 - Thank you all "feedbackers"...