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Onekana™ enables you to visually build specialized applications:

This is a tool for marking up graphics with information and media while building a supporting "app". at the same time. Your users can search, locate, and play the results like a video. There are many different types of application: you can try some of them here. As you try different types, the tools adapt to what you want to do.

Select different types of graphic to mark up, and create supporting mobile friendly applications for your project.

When your drag tools onto your graphic some of the other things that are done to create your mobile friendly app. will be explained here.
Draggable Items:
To start adding interactive pointers please select type.

The crosshair button (crosshair) is for touch: magnifying the pointer and using the crosshair for accurate positioning.
Positioned Items:

When you drag items (assets) onto the image they will appear here. You can then reposition them as required on your image.

You can add things to things when you see the symbol. When you save your creation, an app. is generated to support your project which you can share.

Drag pointers to reposition.
Search, Locate or Play: Press play to view your application as a presentation. Or search it using keywords.


Press Play.




To try the animated mark up you need to have at least a couple of items positioned on an image

Different types of graphic generate different types of apps.

You can try the following examples below in greater detail:

Each graphic will take you to a dedicated page.

Common Attributes:

You can share your apps., and you can scale them.

Sharing your App.:

The share button lets you share your graphic app. with others and make it interactive.

Help a lot of people learn about you or your project, or help a lot of people help you.

You can set different levels of sharing. Users can add comments to marked up objects, add new objects, or start a complementary project based on your graphic (or "graphic group") as you can organise and daisy chain your graphics into projects as required.

People can also elect to follow your project, so it could become an authority on anything, with a community following and participating Community

Scale it:

Your interactive project can be scaled further into your personal mobile friendly platform. Each mark up suite of tools is incorporated into platforms for different types of business or project. We use Twitter Bootstrap for the front end framework making it easily "customized", and bespoke business applications and tools built into our own back end framework.

You can learn more about scaling for community and "place" based platforms on our sister site www.globaldistrict.com and for business focused platforms on www.goesglobal.com.

Business Platforms Community Platforms


Achieve more with less: not only are you marking up a project, but you are also:

  • creating a focused platform for your product, or reference for your hobby, or guide to your trip, or interactive site map for your development ...
  • creating presentations on the fly,
  • creating a search and find reference for your users,
  • optimized pointers for search engines ... if a surfer searches for a component and you have it located in a project, they will be brought to the component in your project (or tenant in development, or video in guide),
  • building followers, participation, uptake and awareness, 'think viral marketing',
  • providing intuitive and easy to use ways for your users to update and add content and explain it,
  • visually organizing data.

There are a lot of potential uses for your app.

Use advanced graphics, or just a photo.

Some Developer Notes:

  1. The plugins and applications are built using jQuery and CSS.
  2. We use Twitter Bootstrap to provide an open and designer friendly front end framework for the applications
  3. We are using Apache Cordova for mobile phone and tablet specific plug ins.

About this site:

Onekana™ means "be visible" in Swahili, a good name I think for an application that is about finding and searching for information and "things". I like the sound however it is pronounced (onĂ©kana or one~kana).

Key new features are the "play like a video" feature, far better zooming and panning, and the fact that you are building an "app" while dragging tools and 'things' onto graphics. Also, the "library" of tools is constantly being upgraded with users suggestions and requirements.

The onekana™ application can be scaled into your own project or web site either by plugging it into your site as you might a YouTube video, or as a part of a project platform. These are handled here at www.goesglobal.com

Onekana™ was developed originally as a part of a "Global District" project where it is used primarily with the creative mapping tools, festival tools (though any of the uses found here can be used there too).

Now though onekana™ is emerging blinking into the sunlight of its own front end platform, and I think it is a creative tool that you can use for a vast array of potential applications, so please give it a go and contact me with any suggestions or requests.